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By Kelsy Tibshraeny posted 10-31-2017 19:08


Guest Poster: John Vergato of HealthNET Systems Consulting Inc.

Having worked at MEDITECH for almost six years, the International MUSE Conference has numerous meanings for me. It is an opportunity to catch up with other fellow MEDITECH “alumni”, a great way to share knowledge with others by both giving and attending presentations and by exploring the exhibits to see what kinds of goods and services are out there to make healthcare IT the best it can be. As a consultant, we spend months, if not years, with our clients helping them implement and optimize their HCIS. Attending MUSE takes us out of the “vacuum” of everyday work life and lets ideas flow freely to ensure our clients are getting the absolute best out of MEDITECH and their partners. Having attended MUSE numerous times over the past decade, I want to cover a few of the different areas that make it so great ...

Opening/Closing Session

The Opening session is always an enjoyable satire of today’s current events that without fail lightens the mood and garners many laughs. It is a way to get everyone loose and ready for the intense agenda of presentations, forums and trainings

Listening to the keynote and closing speakers is also a very worthwhile experience, as they give a unique perspective to the healthcare landscape in ways I personally have never thought of before. Hearing from MEDITECH and the innovation that they are working on gives everyone a snapshot of what to look forward to in the coming year.

Exhibit Hall

The exhibit hall is packed full with a variety of companies showcasing a plethora of goods and services that they provide for MEDITECH clients. These goods and services include: 3rd party software partners, services to improve the different facets of an organization and its’ systems, reporting and analytics software and services and other tools to get the most out of MEDITECH to name a few. MEDITECH customers are able to walk around and truly engage with the different vendors in an environment that is buzzing with excitement. The interactions that I had this year while manning HealthNET Systems Consulting’s booth were one of the highlights of the Conference; it provided me with a venue to find out what kinds of projects are going on and the challenges different organizations are facing.


Presentations are a fantastic way to focus on a particular topic of interest, network and earn CEUs. I have been on both the presenter and attendee side of the presentations and enjoy both aspects for different reasons. Giving presentations is rewarding because you can share your experiences with other like-minded individuals and help them learn from your experiences. 

Often times, presentation attendees share their experiences during these interactive presentations and this is especially rewarding because you as a presenter get learn something while instilling knowledge on others. Attending presentations always helps you in getting a different perspective of a particular topic, which often times results in you being able to work through something in a way you had not previously discovered. I always make it a point to engage with the presenter after they finish their presentation to pick their brain and exchange information.There is no such thing as too much knowledge gained at an industry conference.


One of my all-time favorite things to do at MUSE is network. As previously stated, many MEDITECH alumni are still heavily involved in healthcare and work at companies that still work with or use MEDITECH. Finding out what direction the market is heading is helpful for all parties involved. We are able to learn how the evolution of healthcare IT is progressing and we can be a part of that change through networking. Some of the fellow attendees are either from different parts of the country or are colleagues who you do not see as often as you once did and it is really enjoyable to catch up, learn about their particular product or service and find ways to collaborate in a mutually beneficial way.

Every MUSE Conference that I have attended has had different and unique offerings, however the thing that has stayed consistent is the fact that the Conference experience continues to prove more useful and informative with each and every passing year.

About The Author:  John Vergato of HealthNET Systems Consulting Inc. has over 10 years of implementation, optimization, and sales experience with Healthcare Information Systems, specializing in MEDITECH.  He has experience with MAGIC, C/S, 6.0 and 6.15 READY, full service implementations, optimizations, migrations, updates, and end-user support. For more information visit:

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