Five Nines with MEDITECH Expanse - Server Maintenance with Minimal Service Interruption

When:  Aug 20, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (CT)
Learn about server maintenance with minimal service interruption at Halifax Health.

We will cover these topics:
* Migration from Client Server
* Old Processes
* Overview of Expanse Environment
* Objective of "5 9s" (99.999% up time)

Step 1: Always on file servers
Step 2: New "Swing Space" functionality (Always on background job clients)
Step 3: Defining redundant groups of servers
* Our new process
* Impact to end users
* Remaining single points of failure
* Benefits of the new process
* Balancing complexity, stability, and high availability
* Setbacks and pit falls

Ryan Ellerton has worked with Halifax Health supporting MEDITECH MIS and MEDITECH technical operations for both Client Server and MEDITECH Expanse over the last six years. In addition to MEDITECH, Ryan also supports and maintains a number of other applications for Halifax Health and assists in integration development.