Planning a Move to Expanse? What You Can Do TODAY to Prepare

When:  Sep 10, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (CT)
You've chosen Expanse – now what?! This webinar will cover the priorities for planning and prepping that can be done today for a smooth transition, and for gearing up both from a resource perspective, along with an application perspective, to have a smooth journey.

Note: Registration is now closed for this webinar due to demand.  A recording of this event will be added to the Event Archive.

Marcia D. Cheadle, RN is Senior Director at Engage.  She has had an extensive career in healthcare with over 35 years in clinical nursing roles including leadership in education, home care, acute hospital, and primary clinical care; with a focus in health care IT over the past 18 years. She previously served as Senior Director of Implementations for Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS). Ms. Cheadle is responsible for the implementation of acute and ambulatory software applications in community healthcare networks across the United States. Specializing in rural community healthcare, Ms. Cheadle facilitates strategic program activities designed for adoption of electronic health records by addressing critical financial and clinical metrics for program sustainability. Ms. Cheadle continues her work as a clinical nurse in a local emergency room.