Education Committee

MUSE Education Committee Membership Agreement

The Education Committee is responsible for recommending educational strategy, including delivery methods and content, for MUSE events and webinars. The committee monitors topics of importance and interest from multiple sources and recommends them for inclusion in MUSE educational content.

The committee is chaired by a MUSE Board member and a number of volunteers from various MUSE member facilities.

Committee member pre-requisites:

  • Significant experience in one or more MEDITECH modules/areas.
  • Attended at least one International MUSE conference.
  • Presented an educational session or facilitated a peer group meeting at an International MUSE conference or at a Community Peer Group; or presented a webinar.
  • Experience in peer networking in the MEDITECH/MUSE community.


Additionally, in determining the composition of the committee, consideration may also be given to volunteers’ areas of expertise, geographic location, and/or facility size and type.

A term on the Education Committee is three years, with an option to reapply for one additional three-year term. A term begins July 1.

Responsibilities of a committee member:

  • Recruit and coordinate content for, or present at least one MUSE webinar for each term year.
  • Present at least one educational session and/or facilitate a peer group at the International MUSE conference, a Community Peer Group, or other MUSE event per term year.
  • For the International MUSE conference, be responsible (or share responsibility) for a specific track, Summit, or other aspect (ex. Peer Group Leader management; International Education Exchange judge). For Summits or tracks, the committee member will need to develop the theme/topic and recruit specified number of relevant presentations within the specified time frames.
  • For Community Peer Groups, participate in the development of the events, recruitment of presentations, event support, and other duties as requested.
  • Participate in an annual planning meeting in the early fall, typically two days over a weekend (expenses are covered by MUSE).
  • Participate in monthly/bi-monthly conference calls.
  • Attend the International MUSE conference and assist in areas as needed (ex. staffing the MUSE booth).
  • Recruit, develop, and mentor peer group leaders; monitor the program.
  • Influence and guide MUSE educational strategy and content. Review educational content and feedback to use in improving content and delivery strategies.


For fulfilling the above responsibilities, MUSE offers

  • Complimentary registration to the International MUSE conference and any other events where you participate/present.
  • Travel costs to the International MUSE conference if pre-set committee goals are achieved.
  • The appreciation of your peers and recognition as a member of MUSE Education Leadership.

 The Education Committee Chair is responsible for ensuring that committee members’ responsibilities are met.  In the event that the Chair identifies unmet expectations of a committee member, after discussion with the member, consequences may include withdrawal of offer for event expense reimbursement, withdrawal of a complimentary event registration, and/ or a request to resign from the committee.