MUSE Champion Program

The MUSE Champion Program 

Objective: To help the MUSE online community and social media platforms thrive as relevant resources for the MEDITECH community and attract more MUSE users.

Goals of the Program

  • Make MUSE the place to be.
  • Enhance awareness of MUSE and the MEDITECH community.
  • Increase the image of MUSE as a credible, valued, and trusted professional organization.
  • Support the MUSE Open Forum and social media goals.
  • Promote MUSE events and offerings.
  • Engage and reward users who are currently active on MUSE digital platforms.
  • Help the MUSE platforms be consistent resources to gain knowledge and to share helpful information.
  • Recognize and reward enthused brand evangelists.

MUSE Champions
MUSE Champions are experienced MUSE members with a reputable online presence. They frequently engage in the MUSE Open Forum, on MUSE social media channels – or both. Champions help us increase our reach and impact by sharing our content with their circles of influence. 

A MUSE Champion has the following qualifications: 

  • MUSE experience and an understanding of its mission, history, and goals.
  • Expertise with the MUSE forum.
  • Expertise with social media platforms; an account that is active, stable, well-respected, and followed.
  • An understanding of MEDITECH’s platforms

Champions are expected to represent and engage with MUSE on either the Open Forum, our social media pages – or both. Their digital preferences will be assigned and agreed upon. 

MUSE Open Forum Goals

  • Help develop and post thoughtful discussion topics.
  • Respond to unanswered threads.
  • Brainstorm hot industry topics for discussion opportunities.
  • Welcome new members or those who are new to communities.

MUSE Social Media Goals

  • Increase membership.
  • Increase event attendance.
  • Provide valuable/impactful content.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Increase brand loyalty and create enthused brand evangelists.
  • Enhance the circle of influence


  •  Post new or answer existing questions on the Open Forum.
  • Re-post, share, tag and/or comment on MUSE posts on LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and/or Facebook.
  • Use the (private) Champion Group forum to define and coordinate objectives, share successful strategies, brainstorm ideas, and give feedback.
  • Participate in quarterly virtual meetings.
  • Maintain a positive and reputable online presence that supports the MUSE brand.
  • Commit to a two-year term (generally beginning in June). There may be options to extend terms.

Champions will serve a one-year term. All Champions in good standing who are actively engaged in the program will have the option to renew for a following term. 

Any Champion who is not representing MUSE in a positive light (as determined by the MUSE Board and/or CEO) may be removed from the program and will be required to remove all references to being a MUSE Champion from all digital platforms. 

Rewards & Recognition
MUSE Champion is a well-earned title and one to be proud of. Champions will be recognized and rewarded in the following ways to help grow your reputation and show status: 

  • Champions will be designated as such and recognized on the website and at the annual conference.
  • Champions will earn a digital badge and a name tag label to identify themselves.
  • Rewards will be determined for the Champion(s) who is the most actively engaged and is completing the most program objectives. 

MUSE Champion Program – Social Media Policy 

This policy has been developed to give guidance to the MUSE Champion Program. Champions are selected because they are active on social media platforms and already have a strong presence. This policy will outline expectations for Champions as they engage on social media in this new role and are now associated with MUSE. 

Social Media 
The term “social media” refers broadly to any online media which allows for user participation, engagement, and publishing. Commonly used social media platforms include but are not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, forums, and discussion boards including the MUSE Open Forum. 

Champions should expect that any information that is shared online instantly becomes permanent and public. You must ensure that your endorsement or promotion is true and that it represents “typical results.”

Champions are prohibited from engaging in any of the following in their online activities and posts:

  • Disparaging MUSE’s members or other business partners or their products or services.
  • Disparaging the services or products of MUSE.
  • Making any false or misleading statements regarding MUSE.
  • Promoting or advertising a commercial product or soliciting business or membership to other organizations.
  • Directing any negative comment towards or about any individual or group based on race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, or other characteristic protected by law.

Social media changes rapidly and there will likely be events or issues that are not addressed in this policy. If at any time, you are uncertain about the application of this policy or if a question relating to the appropriate use of social media arises that is not fully addressed by this policy, you should seek the guidance of the MUSE CEO before posting or otherwise engaging online. 

Any Champion who does not follow this policy will be removed from the Champion Program.

Posting Guidelines

  • Be sure you are following or have liked the official MUSE pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (X).
  • Share, comment on, tag others in comments and like any and all of MUSE’s social media content. While we welcome all engagement on our posts, we will also share specific posts for you to help leverage.
  • Maintain your profiles proactively. Use a current profile picture that looks like you and be sure your bio represents who you are. Your online profiles are often the first impression someone has of you.
  • Be honest and transparent about who you are. Whenever relevant, disclose that you are a MUSE Champion. 

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