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Creator and lead design/developer of ENGINUITY for MEDITECH. Winner of the Expo.Health Practical Innovation Award (2018), ENGINUITY is a rule driven optimization solution that increases quality, positive patient outcomes, EMR satisfaction and hospital revenue gains. It has been recognized by Healthcare Scene and for it's unique approach to client collaboration, its ability to rapidly address workflow inconsistencies, and simultaneously increase clinical compliance and system satisfaction.

I have over 15 years of industry experience working with EMR's and Telemedicine Solutions for enterprise health systems. I have always excelled in client facing roles including implementation, optimization, marketing, sales and project management.

I have a proven track record for fostering and maintaining client relations, creating unique workflows and best practice recommendations, streamlining clinical documentation, and assisting health systems to meet meaningful use mandates and HIMSS EMRAM analytic's stages resulting in significant return on investment.

My skills and experience includes but is not limited to:

• EHR Advanced Clinical implementation and support
• Client engagement, focus groups and development collaboration
• Designing workflows, testing and collaboration with development on Nursing and Maternity tools
• Project management
• Leading marketing demonstration build teams and developing region specific marketing strategies
• Clinical workflow optimization (specifically to achieve MU mandates and achieve HIMSS Stages 6 & 7)
• Rule and Attribute writing/coding to enhance products with robust clinical decision support
• Developing and Implementing Best Practice plans
• Delivering detailed product demonstrations to large clinician audiences, hospital stakeholders and C-levels
• Member of the Branding Team​ and Social Media Team

I'm also a problem solver, people lover, globetrotter and a computer nerd.