Do you wish to ‘spotlight’ your company? This opportunity allows you to showcase your company, highlighting your exceptional products and services. MUSE will send a one-time email to the thousands of people in its membership database.

Plus, for ten days, your logo will appear on the MUSE Home page under the Commercial Member Spotlight banner ensuring greater exposure.

Bonus: Benefit from MUSE's social media presence as we will post your Spotlight information on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook too!

Work with the MUSE marketing personnel to create your special message so that you can spotlight your company!

Fee: $1795

Please Note: Only two Spotlight opportunities are available each month.  The number of Spotlight opportunities per vendor per year will be limited. Spotlights appearing in consecutive months may not be allowed. MUSE reserves the right to allow consecutive month advertising based on demand.

For more information and availability details, contact MUSE at

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Medpower Spotlight Example
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