Commercial Members

Membership Benefits

Commercial Members contribute to MUSE by offering educational and/or product-oriented sessions, exhibiting at MUSE events, and participating on various forums. These valuable contributions are part of what makes MUSE such a vibrant and thriving community.

Access – build your customer lists …

Memberships Lists
Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of users are accessible through the MUSE membership list. Download this indispensable information at your convenience, and start building your target network.

Attendee Lists
MUSE posts the attendee lists for each of its events. This valuable information can provide unique marketing opportunities.

The library on the MUSE website stores beneficial information. View past presentations, watch webinars, read articles, and much more when your visit this great resource.

Participate – MUSE offers an array of events …

MUSE Inspire Conference
MUSE stages an annual conference to focus on networking, education, and training. Drawing members from across the U.S., Canada, the U.K, and Ireland, the conference offers opportunities to exhibit, sponsor, offer presentations, and to market to hundreds of eager attendees.

Executive Institute
Join CIOs and other senior IT executives for education and networking at the MUSE Executive Institute. We will discuss current, pertinent topics related to healthcare and IT. MUSE offers a reverse tradeshow which enables you to make a personal connection to hospital decision-makers. Driven by success, the MUSE Executive Institute offers exceptional opportunities to share ideas and solutions to challenges, as well as colleague-to-colleague interaction.

Community Peer Group
A Community Peer Group is a local event often hosted by a hospital. It allows participants to drive-in to meet with their neighboring MUSE members and MEDITECH hospitals. Such events identify focus on local topics and issues. Exhibiting and sponsoring opportunities are available.

Ensure your message is heard through various MUSE marketing avenues. Advertising   opportunities are available on the MUSE online forums, website, and event materials.

Virtual – MUSE offers these online opportunities …

Product Showcase
A Product Showcase webinar is an opportunity for MUSE Commercial Members to demonstrate the functionality and benefits of their product or solution. Be it a case study or an actual demonstration, the Product Showcase offers an engaging platform to inform a targeted audience.

Educational Presentation
Commercial members are encouraged to offer educational presentations via a webinar. This venue highlights the Commercial member’s experience and knowledge as an expert on a given topic. MUSE members enjoy the benefits of online education.


Membership Process and Rates

To be considered for membership to the MUSE organization, complete the MUSE Commercial Member application form. 

Note that membership is not automatic. The following criteria must be met:

  • Applicants must be recommended by a MEDITECH facility (hospital).
  • Applicants should indicate if they have a working relationship with any current MUSE Facility members.
  • Applicants must offer products and/or services that support and/or complement the MEDITECH systems.
  • Applicants must add value to the MUSE organization and must respect the spirit of the MUSE mission statement as determined by the MUSE Board.


  • There is a one-time application fee of $2,500 (US) which must be submitted with the application. (If your application is not approved, your $2,500 application fee will be refunded.)
  • Once approved, the annual membership fee is $1,245 (US). This is non-refundable.

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