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This is MUSE Views, the podcast for the MUSE community, about the MUSE community. MUSE is a non-profit education and networking group for users of the MEDITECH electronic health record system. Here on our podcast we chat with healthcare IT folks about ideas, opportunities, strategies and solutions to improve work/life experiences and share views you can use! Tune in to hear stories from a variety of disciplines and perspectives - and gain real world knowledge you can apply in yours!

MUSE Views Host - TJ Temple

TJ Temple brings a unique perspective to healthcare IT as he began his career on the clinical side before moving into IT roles. IT. TJ has more than 15 years of experience and understands the important role IT plays in the care of patients and strives to keep the connection between IT and patient care at the forefront.

TJ has served nine years on the MUSE Board of Directors, and additional years on various MUSE committees. After serving in hospital-based IT leadership for 11 years, TJ is now sharing his skillset and passion with other organizations serving as principal consultant for Temple Consulting.

These opportunities have exposed TJ to a wide range of industry colleagues whom he enjoys networking with to discuss best practices and share innovative ideas to improve patient care through IT.

TJ Temple


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    Muse Community, I would be interested in hearing your suggestions for upcoming episodes of the MUSE Views Podcast regarding guests and topics to discuss. Drop your ideas in this thread. Thanks TJ Temple ...

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    Great this will be really helpful for the podcast! Thanks ------------------------------ TJ Temple MUSE Past Chair Board Member Kelowna BC 417-256-9111 ------------------------------

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    MUSE Views is a new podcast from MUSE International. And this is where you can ask questions, post comments about podcast episodes, or suggest new topics for investigation. ------------------------------ ...

New Episodes

Behind the Scenes at MUSE

Guest: Alicia Roberts, Director of Marketing and Education
MUSE International
Episode Length: 26 minutes

Alicia RobertsLearn about Alicia’s role and a typical workday/week which always has a focus on education. Webinar management is a key component of her duties as is the annual Inspire Conference – it was nice to have an in-person event again. Hear about the range of MUSE offerings: Community Peer Group events; online forum; library; toolkits, micro sessions, etc. And MUSE is an accredited organization and can offer CEUs for nursing and pharmacy. Plus, Alicia doesn’t run around only at work!

Show notes:

Connecting the Dots

Guest: Tito Perez, Corporate Director of Enterprise Applications
Emanate Health, Covina, California
Episode Length: 24 minutes

Tito PerezTito Perez shares details about the Emanate Health system and the strong applications team there. We learn how being on the MEDITECH platform across their organization provides opportunities for robust and predictive analytics through the use of reporting tools like BCA.

Tito notes that his involvement with MUSE has helped advance his career. He collects “cheat codes” – advice and tips from networking with peers. And he encourages his team to do so too as MUSE will help you connect the dots.

Tito discusses podcasts and wishes that the healthcare industry could emulate the Hollywood industry by rolling the credits highlighting his team’s involvement and success on a project. 

Show notes:

Improving Patient Outcomes

Christine ParentGuest:  Christine Parent, Associate Vice President of Marketing
Episode length: 18 minutes

We discuss the recent MUSE Inspire conference and the presence MEDITECH had at the conference, including the popular keynote presentation. Christine shares the value of these conferences for MEDITECH. Learn about MEDITECH’s upcoming event.

We discuss MEDITECH’s new offering of a stand-alone Ambulatory EHR solution, and the impressive KLAS scores the product is receiving. And insight into genomics and how the newest customer has implemented it.

Plus, where is Christine going and what is she listening to?

Show notes:

Tour the Mothership

Guest:  Sherry Montileone, CIO
Citizens Memorial Healthcare, Bolivar Missouri
Episode length: 33 minutes

Sherry Montileone talks about the importance of making MEDITECH the “mothership” and avoiding the best-of-breed system approach. She discusses the patient portal and how her facility has been on the leading edge of sharing the data – making it the “digital front door” to care.

We learn about the governance structures and committees that help drive patient engagement, and how the culture supports patient care. Sherry concludes by praising the great community of MEDITECH users, and confirms how networking and sharing are so important! 

Show notes:

Sherry Montileone

A Focus on Genomics

Guest:   Dr. William Dailey
Family Practice Physician and CMIO
Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare, Clinton, Missouri
Episode length: 17 minutes

Genomics is here! Listen as Dr. Dailey explains the initiatives at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare, and the value of genomics.

Show notes:

William Daily

Align Goals, Align Vision, Align Strategy

Guest:   Dr. William Dailey
Family Practice Physician and CMIO
Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare, Clinton, Missouri
Episode length: 26 minutes

Dr. Dailey discusses the EHR path at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare, their go live, and how they are optimizing with MEDITECH toolkits. He explains setting goals around medication scanning, INR collection, and how they strive to achieve these goals for the best patient care. We discuss the culture at Golden Valley and how it helps align and impact patient care, and also their Hospital Compare and LeapFrog scores. Plus, culture is key!

Show notes:

William Daily

We're a Sharing Community

Guest: Brian Nelligan, Senior Systems Analyst;
Past-Chairperson MUSE Board of Directors
Episode length: 26 minutes

Brian Nelligan discusses working at multiple MEDITECH facilities and how the flexibility of the MEDITECH software has led him to seek out organizations using the software. We discuss the value of MUSE, how best to use MUSE as a resource, and the upcoming conference. Plus, where in the world is Brian?!

Show Notes:

Brian Nelligan

Better SAFER than Sorry

Guest: Kelly Lippold, Director of Health Informatics
NMC Health, Newton, Kansas
Episode length: 28 minutes

Learn how IT and Informatics play significant heavy role in helping NMC Health be named a top 100 facility for the fifth year in a row. Hear discussions about the MEDITECH’s BCA tool and how it supports the organization, and the value of the risk, case management, and quality modules. Learn about the SAFER guidelines, the new regulatory self-assessment tools that are required for attestation and compliance with the interoperability regulations. Plus, leading and networking at MUSE events!

Show Notes:

Kelly Lippold

Musings from an Experienced CIO

Guest: Joel Benware, CIO
Samaritan Medical Center, Watertown, New York
Episode Length: 33 minutes

Learn about Joel Benware’s interesting first few months at his new organization dealing with a security issue. Hear about his current EHR environment and plans for moving to Expanse. Other topics include COVID (and how it has impacted his organization) and how to manage legacy data. Joel discusses a meeting/presentation summary skill that he learned from his previous CEO.

Show Notes
Joel Benware

Priority Pack Plans are a Priority

Guest: Nicki Rothove, IT Applications Manager
Ozarks Healthcare, West Plains, Missouri
Episode Length: 35 minutes

Nicki Rothove discusses issues affecting her organization including COVD-19, and Priority Pack 28 - preparation, testing, and more!

Show Notes

Nikki Rothove

MaaS Transit – Implementing MEDITECH as a Service

Guest: Brenda Sexson, Director, Information Services
Boone Health, Columbia, Missouri
Episode Length: 29 minutes

Brenda Sexson discusses their implementation of MEDITECH MaaS highlighting the selection process, how they hired and onboarded IT staff, priority packs and patching, conversions and legacy data, third-party vendors, and quality reporting.

Show Notes

Brenda Sexson

Home-Based or Office-Based?

Guest: Becky Blevins, Information Services Project Manager
Ephraim McDowell Health, Danville, Kentucky
Episode length: 30 minutes

Becky Blevins discusses a variety of topics including working remotely, using Google vs. Microsoft, project management and AUC (acceptable use criteria). Plus, learn about the Kentucky Community Peer Group (CPG) and other MUSE events.

Show Notes

Becky Blevins

Intelligent Insights on Business Intelligence

Guest: Bryan Figler, Systems Analyst
Firelands Regional Medical Center, Sandusky, Ohio
Episode Length: 27 minutes

Bryan Figler discusses a myriad of Business Intelligence topics including custom report requests and access, naming conventions, impact of COVID on data needs, data governance, reporting service level agreements (SLAs) and expectations, managing the relationship between fear and embracing BI tools from end users.

Show Notes

Brian Figler

Improving Health IT to Improve Patient Care

Guest: Corey Tillyer, Clinical Operations Manager & Occupational Health Nurse
Fraser Health, Surrey, British Columbia
Episode length: 28 minutes

Corey Tillyer shares how she started in healthcare, moved into IT, and her evolving role in MUSE. She discusses returning to her clinical roots Managing a Mass COVID-19 immunization centre and as an Occupational Health Nurse supporting healthcare workers who are heading toward burnout. Corey weighs in with her top three ideas for healthcare IT to improve the quality of patient care.

Corey Tillyer