MUSE Member Discounts

Your MUSE membership has many benefits. Here’s one that will specifically affect your organization’s expenses: exclusive product and services discounts from the knowledgeable MUSE Commercial member community.

Learn how you can streamline processes, impact your bottom-line, improve satisfaction levels, save time, and make your organization more successful with the offerings noted below.

Disclaimer: MUSE does not endorse any product or service offered by its members.

Commercial Member offerings

Acmeware logo

What if we told you your annual MUSE membership dues could be covered by another MUSE member?

Acmeware, a MUSE Commercial member since 2000, is offering a 10% discount on the annual subscription for Downtime Defender, their downtime solution. The discounted amount is more than your yearly MUSE membership and event registration fees for the annual Inspire Conference!

Downtime Defender logoDowntime Defender assures that mission-critical information for continuity of care and business operations remains available during downtime events. The application produces regularly scheduled current-state report snapshots from across the MEDITECH EHR, formatted in easy-to-read PDF documents, and securely stores them locally and in the cloud for guaranteed access during planned or unplanned downtime.

To learn more and schedule a demo, visit Downtime Defender.                     

For MUSE Facility members that choose to subscribe to Downtime Defender, Acmeware will reduce your subscription cost by 10% - more than enough to cover your annual MUSE membership and Inspire conference registration fees. Don’t wait – schedule a demo today and use the Acmeware discount to pay for your MUSE membership!