MUSE Member Discounts

Your MUSE membership has many benefits. Here’s one that will specifically affect your organization’s expenses: exclusive product and services discounts from the knowledgeable MUSE Commercial member community.

Learn how you can streamline processes, impact your bottom-line, improve satisfaction levels, save time, and make your organization more successful with the offerings noted below.

Disclaimer: MUSE does not endorse any product or service offered by its members.

Commercial Member offerings

The Interlace Health Operating Room Package offers a range of benefits that make hospital operations smoother and more efficient: 

  • Reduces Delays: It prevents surgical delays by ensuring that consent forms are always available and signed digitally. 
  • Increases Efficiency and Compliance: It automatically fills in consent forms with patient information from their health records, reducing errors and ensuring forms are current and compliant. 
  • Saves Time: It eliminates the need for manual handling of paperwork, freeing up staff time for other important tasks. 
  • Improves Experiences: Both patients and staff benefit from a simpler, paper-free consent process, improving overall satisfaction. 
  • Minimizes Legal and Financial Risks: Digital storage ensures consent forms are never lost, reducing the risk of legal issues and potential financial losses. 
  • Supports Mobile Access: Staff can gather consent using mobile devices at the patient’s bedside, making the process easier and more comfortable for patients.  

Overall, this system enhances hospital efficiency, reduces unnecessary administrative work, and helps in providing better care by focusing more resources on patient interactions. 

For a limited amount of time, we will be offering Operating Room Package. This will consist of:  

  • Convert/build up to five surgical consent forms - no charge 
  • Five Samsung tablets - no charge 
  • Software Subscription -  first 3 months - no charge 
  • Cloud-deployed in under 12 weeks (T&Cs apply) 
  • Applicable to orders placed in 2024  

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The team at Luma Health is thrilled to extend a special offer exclusively to members of the MUSE community. In this spirit of partnership, we are delighted to offer:

  1. 25% Off Year 1 Subscription: Upon signing a minimum 3-year agreement with Luma Health, MUSE members will enjoy a substantial 25% discount on their first-year subscription. This discount is our way of demonstrating our commitment to supporting your organization's growth and success.

  2. Complimentary Access to Schedule with Google: Elevate your scheduling capabilities with seamless integration with MEDITECH and Google. For MUSE members who opt for our Scheduling solution and commit to a minimum 3-year agreement, we are offering one year of Schedule with Google free of charge. As part of this offer, we kindly request participation in a case study to showcase the transformative impact of this integration on your organization's workflows.

As a MEDITECH Alliance Partner, Luma enables powerful workflows for Patient Access, Communication, and Intake for Expanse. 

At Luma, we understand that for many regional hospitals and health systems, a key to being competitive is making it easy for patients to find you and keep coming back – instead of seeking care elsewhere. MEDITECH is a great system to help serve your patients, and now you can offer new and existing patients the convenience they expect with real-time omnichannel self-service options that integrate directly into MEDITECH Community-Wide Scheduling and Ambulatory Scheduling Grid via Luma.

With MEDITECH + Luma, you can provide convenient personal touchpoints at every step of the care journey. For example, Northfield Hospitals + Clinics partnered with Luma to provide patients with 24/7 access while saving time for staff. The partnership:

📞 Saves 80 hours per month in manual reminder calls.
💬 Engages 86% of Northfield patients with messages.
🗓️ Reduces no-show rates by 14.75% with automated reminders.

With Luma, we can compete on personal touch and innovative technology. We don’t have to sacrifice either for patient access or convenience.” -Vern Lougheed, Director of IT

Here’s what other MEDITECH leaders have to say:

Luma’s integration with MEDITECH Expanse has been rock-solid. Everything runs smoothly, and our staff rely on it and expect it.” -Kurt Schmidt, Director of EHR at Phelps Memorial

We look forward to customers realizing the benefits of an improved patient experience and better health outcomes through the use of Luma’s Patient Success Platform.” -Jeffery Kimball, Associate VP at MEDITECH

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Acmeware logo

What if we told you your annual MUSE membership dues could be covered by another MUSE member?

Acmeware, a MUSE Commercial member since 2000, is offering a 10% discount on the annual subscription for Downtime Defender, their downtime solution. The discounted amount is more than your yearly MUSE membership and event registration fees for the annual Inspire Conference!

Downtime Defender logoDowntime Defender assures that mission-critical information for continuity of care and business operations remains available during downtime events. The application produces regularly scheduled current-state report snapshots from across the MEDITECH EHR, formatted in easy-to-read PDF documents, and securely stores them locally and in the cloud for guaranteed access during planned or unplanned downtime.

To learn more and schedule a demo, visit Downtime Defender.                     

For MUSE Facility members that choose to subscribe to Downtime Defender, Acmeware will reduce your subscription cost by 10% - more than enough to cover your annual MUSE membership and Inspire conference registration fees. Don’t wait – schedule a demo today and use the Acmeware discount to pay for your MUSE membership!

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Want to improve your digital front door by streamlining registration, consents, payments and more? Now you can! Phreesia is excited to offer MUSE members a special risk-free trial. We’re confident that you’ll love it—enjoy six months on us to see why.

We’re here to help you completely digitize your intake process. Offering patient-driven digital solutions for intake, outreach, education and more, Phreesia enhances the patient experience, drives efficiency and improves healthcare outcomes.

With Phreesia, you can: 

  • Streamline intake with mobile or in-office registration and specialty-specific workflows
  • Simplify scheduling with digital referral management and automated appointment reminders
  • Increase revenue with flexible payment options, automated collections and E&B verification
  • Capture accurate data from every patient to tailor care and drive better patient outcomes
  • Assess and accommodate patients’ ability to self-manage their health with the Patient Activation Measure®—which is included in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) as of 2024!
  • Easily collect and securely store consents and e-forms digitally, either during registration, at the bedside or in the back office
    Manage and coordinate after-hours phone calls with smart, automated call tracking

Phreesia has helped more than 3,600 healthcare organizations across the country improve their workflows so they can relieve stress, stay organized and focus on patients—not processes. Make 2024 the year you join them!

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A special, limited time offer to MUSE members - $5,000 price discount off any new PatientWorks solution purchases completed by 6/30/2024.

PatientWorks, a MUSE Commercial member since 2010, is offering this special deal on purchases of our KioskWorks Cloud Patient Self-Registration and Patient Self-Scheduling of Appointments solutions. The appointment direct booking solution is integrated with MEDITECH CWS via the new MEDITECH FHIR Scheduling API. These solutions will enhance patient engagement and save you staff time while improving patient satisfaction.

Patient Self-Registration can enhance provider services while minimizing staffing requirements by viewing a short demonstration and discussing what other MEDITECH hospitals are doing. Patients can pre-check-in for appointments, confirm demographic information, complete medical histories, indicate guarantors, sign electronic consent forms, take pictures of driver’s licenses and insurance cards, and make copayments. They can do this all from their home with their mobile device or a kiosk tablet or free-standing enclosure at your facility.

Patient Self-Scheduling of Appointments by selecting the type, date, time, and provider of the desired appointments all from home on their smart phones or personal computers. Patients can be known to MEDITECH or be a brand-new patient. Additionally, the patient can cancel the appointment, view upcoming appointments and check-in for the appointment.

To learn more and schedule a demo, visit

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NO RISK Materials Management Assessment

Besides staffing, supply chain is your largest expense and provides the most opportunity to cut costs and improve efficiencies. medSR is offering MUSE members a low cost, no-risk assessment of your materials management department from top to bottom. If we do not identify viable savings equaling at least the cost of the assessment, we will refund your money!

  • Single Hospital <250 beds - $12,000
  • Single Hospital >250 beds - $18,000
  • Community Hospital system (up to 5 hospitals) - $25,000
  • Larger system quoted after discovery discussions

Our objective extends beyond identifying savings; we aim to facilitate knowledge transfer to your team. Our assessment services include the review of:

  • Expense Management
  • Backorder Procedures
  • Operational Best Practice
  • Cost Reduction Initiatives
  • Capital Planning
  • Supply Chain Performance Indicators
  • Staffing Matrix Benchmarking
  • GPO Vendor Contract Alignment
  • and more  

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MEDITECH Implementation Readiness Assessment – Discounted for MUSE members!

If you are planning a major MEDITECH upgrade/implementation in the next two years a Readiness Assessment is a must have!  The medSR team will come onsite to meet with your teams to assess where you are today, where your pain points are, what your goals are for your implementation, and where you can optimize now to save consulting dollars with your implementation.  We return a comprehensive document outlining our findings and recommendations.  You also get to meet our team to see if we are a good fit for you—because when it comes down to it, you hire people, not just a firm.  

For MUSE members, we not only discount the price of the assessment, we will return 50% of the cost of the assessment against a minimum engagement.  Call us today to learn more.  

Note:  Full Readiness Assessments last 3-4 days and are designed for sites moving from Magic, C/S, a difficult 6.x implementation, or another EHR to Expanse.  We also offer for MaaS clients.  

To learn more, visit:, or email Linda Hainlen.

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Discount off of MEDITECH Expanse-integrated Search + Scheduling

Kyruus Health is excited to offer MUSE members an exclusive discount— 40% off of MEDITECH Expanse-integrated Search + Scheduling for one year

Help patients easily find and book the care they need with online provider search and appointment scheduling from Kyruus Health. Based on real-time appointment availability—bidirectionally integrated with MEDITECH Expanse—Kyruus Health helps you simplify workflows and attract new patients.

Kyruus Health powers 200 million care searches per year and is the three-time winner of the Best Online Search and Scheduling Solution award from Medtech Breakthrough.

On average our partners see:

  • 4x higher conversion on providers that have a profile picture
  • 40% of appointments scheduled for new patients
  • 1 in 3 appointments scheduled outside of business hours

To learn why more than 1,000 hospitals and 425,000+ providers trust Kyruus Health to enable care access, schedule a demo today and take advantage of your exclusive offer.

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