Best of MUSE 2020

The Best of MUSE 2020

Can anything in 2020 be considered ‘best’? We think so. 

With the need for information and advice from peers, MUSE offered a timely slate of educational sessions across a range of MEDITECH related topics. Plus, the Community Forum was very active with suggestions, support, and useful samples to help improve every MEDITECH system. 

Please enjoy this summary of education – it’s the best of 2020 …

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Best Webinars

The Do's and Don'ts of Platform Migration

Ozarks Medical Center moved from a multiple Electronic Health Record (EHR) environment to a consolidated environment using MEDITECH Expanse utilizing the "big bang" approach. This presentation highlights the top Do's and Don'ts when migrating from different platforms into a unified platform.

COVID-19 JAM Sessions: Using MEDITECH to Support Hospitals during COVID-19 Pandemic

MUSE worked with MEDITECH to create a series of JAM sessions to address timely and relevant problems that are being encountered by hospitals as they tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. These sessions are focused on how MEDITECH can and is being used to address certain situations and the associated questions.

COVID-19 Surveillance Profiles

The Valley Hospital discusses options for building surveillance profiles based on the different workflows. Learn how to use lab results, special indicators, problems and other query responses to track patients within the MEDITECH Electronic Health Record (EHR) who are positive for COVID-19.

CalvertHealth Medical Center's COVID-19 Monitoring Dashboard

Gain an understanding of how MEDITECH’s Business & Clinical Analytics (BCA) was used to rapidly develop dashboards to meet the ever-changing reporting requirements for COVID-19.

MEDITECH Ambulatory Implementation: A View from the C-Suite

The real key to a successful large-scale MEDITECH Ambulatory implementation begins in the C-Suite. This presentation will review the journey, both the good and the bad, Memorial Healthcare and CereCore took to achieve a successful MEDITECH Ambulatory implementation.

6.x to Expanse: Lessons Learned

Learn how The Valley Hospital upgraded to MEDITECH Expanse after five years on 6.x. They review everything they wished they'd known before the upgrade, lessons learned, and where they are still tweaking Expanse.

Problem List Engagement During an Expanse Implementation

This presentation reviews Ozarks Medical Center's approach to problem list engagement during their MEDITECH Expanse implementation. Learn from Dr. Priscilla Frase, hospitalist and CMIO.


AUC – Moving from Education/Testing to Operational

2020 marks CMS’s Education and operations testing period for the appropriate use criteria (AUC) program. This CereCore presentation provides you with some tips to better prepare for the operational phase using your MEDITECH platform, and to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Price Transparency Requirements – Are you Prepared?

Price transparency regulations require all hospitals to report pricing information related to services and diagnostic tests on a public site where it can be reviewed and downloaded by consumers. As it applies to your MEDITECH platform, CereCore reviews the details regarding the rule, its requirements, and things to consider in preparation for the fast-approaching deadline.

Best MUSE Community Content

Join the conversations, and download the samples …

CRRT - Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
Documentation and order sets discussions, plus sample flowsheets for your MEDITECH system.

CIWA - Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol
Screening tool samples, and rules calculations for your MEDITECH system.

Adding PFSH in Ambulatory
Learn from physicians about documenting Past, Family, and Social Histories within your MEDITECH system.

Dietary Orders
Dietary order discussions, and MEDITECH CDS samples.

NEWS - National Early Warning Score
Discussions and MEDITECH screen shots.

Braden Skin Assessment
Discussions and documentation sample for your MEDITECH Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Shared queries in PDOC
Learn how to manage shared queries between MEDITECH PCS documentation and flowing to PDOC.

COVID-19 Vaccine Build
Learn how other MEDITECH sites have built vaccine immunization – see the codes and samples.

Top Contributors

MUSE recognizes the most active users who share their tips, tricks, best practices, and samples!

Shaline Bashkaran
Markham Stouffville Hospital

Valerie Baughn
Peterson Regional Medical Center

Amy Bellisle
Georgian Bay General Hospital

Jill Bomar
Matagorda Regional Medical Center

Joyce Brown
Deborah Heart and Lung Center

Edmond Chiu
Southlake Regional Health Centre

Kelly Del Gaudio
Galen Healthcare Solutions

Sandra DePlonty
War Memorial Hospital

Robin Dexter
Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital

James Duffey
Liberty Street Partners, LLC

Sam Fielding
Southlake Regional Health Centre

Kendra Fledderjohann
Mary Rutan Hospital

Renee Fortier
Sault Area Hospital

Dr. Priscilla Frase
Ozarks Healthcare

Joohyun Greenwood
Firelands Regional Medical Center

Kimberly Hoover
Mount Nittany Medical Center

Lourena Judy
Harrison Memorial Hospital

Brian Kenner

Kelly Lippold
Newton Medical Center

Craig McCollum

Megan McIlvain
Harrison Memorial Hospital

Rebekah McPheters
Magnolia Regional Health Center

Brian Nelligan
Service New Brunswick

Julie Owens
Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Deanna Poole
Southern Ohio Medical Center

Alice Rogers
Uvalde Memorial Hospital

Tammy Schindel
Williamson Medical Center

Angie Soliday
Hancock Regional Hospital

Judy Steiner
Halifax Health

TJ Temple
Ozarks Healthcare

Nancy Trawick
CalvertHealth Medical Center

Andrew Ventura
Augusta Health Care

Katie Wood
War Memorial Hospital

Megan Yontz
Consultant People